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The Pioneering Practice Scorecard benchmarks your ability to attract a flood of leads and convert prospects into high value clients.

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Based on the best selling book The Pioneering Practice and developed in the past 9 years working with hundreds of firms, the Scorecard 
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7-Figure Firm.

Lead generation requires a strategic plan

Therefore any actions you take without a strategy reduces your ability to scale


The Scalable Six™

Your ability to scale to a 7-figure firm and beyond

How well do you stand out from your competitors? Rarely do accounting firms know how to position themselves to be vital and valued.
Get the messaging right and you will get higher win rates, less price pressure and 3 x as many deals closed. Are you likely to achieve this?
Your presence within traditional and modern media will determine how well you show up in Google and your ability to engage with an audience. The scorecard shares how to improve.
How well are you attracting clients towards your firm and starting a conversation with prospects? If you can’t build relationships, how can you build your firm?
How much time are you wasting and how stressed are you and your team because sales meetings are cumbersome and long? Find out if you are able to change this and give yourself more freedom.
Every great accounting firm thrives on referrals. Your ability to have a referable business and service will determine your long-term success. Are you as referable as you should be?
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